About Chris

Chris Barclay is a GP and medical writer. His special interest in diet and health began with a chance encounter; a patient told him how he had lost weight by cutting out carbohydrate foods. Chris has researched the subject ever since. He was principal investigator for the ISAIAH-Project, a diet trial in pre-diabetic patients. His conclusion: processed carbs, starchy foods and sugar are the problem; they are driving our Diabesity epidemic. In his book, Beating Diabetes the low-carb way, Chris presents compelling and persuasive evidence and translated it into a practical and effective plan. Chris writes regularly for The Practitioner magazine and MaPPs, a drug information website. He worked for many years in Sheffield, and more recently as a GP in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK.

His new book Beating Diabetes the low-carb way collects the fruits of his research and enquiries in one place.