A spoonful of sugar?

I receive an email each month from the British Heart Foundation. As a statin sceptic, I cannot say it informs my decision making much. But as a low-carb person, I was particularly astounded today to see a recipe for Spicy Banana Bread which the BHF recommends for their followers. 

The pioneering Southport GP, Dr David Unwin (who famously detests bananas), has produced some wonderful infographics that reveal just how much sugar is hidden away in many of the foods we consider safe and wholesome. You can find many of these on the PHC UK website (check out the resources section at https://phcuk.org/nice/

Back to the BHF’s banana bread. Just have a look at the ingredients list. In addition to the caster sugar, there are several starchy foods that release lots of sugar (glucose) during digestion. Lots! So, it contains oats, bananas obviously and white flour. BTW bananas are one of the only starchy fruits and when they get over-rips they get more sugary. For those of us with diabetes, or pre-diabetes, or who are overweight this recipe is worrying. The glucose hit per slice is significant…. but hey! it’s low-fat so according to the BHF, it’s just fine. Check Dr Unwin’s infographics and see just how much sugar you are getting from foods officially endorsed and recommended by one of our most prestigious support groups.

(Photo credits: BHF Heart Matters June 2020. BTW some of their other recipes looked lovely)