COVID-19 (1) Face masks and incremental gain

When it comes to protecting our communities against contracting COVID-19, especially its more vulnerable members, I am reminded of the ethos of the UK Olympic Cycling Team, an ethos critical in its success: attention to marginal gains. Whatever your views on masking, very few would contend that it makes the situation worse. Indeed many would argue (me included) that although face masks provide only a small amount of protection to an individual wearer, they do prevent those who may be infections from transmitting the bug as readily to around them; it reduces the “R Nought” number.

Image credits: The recruitment agency and BBC Sport

So, as we start to break free (slowly and cautiously) let’s proudly and respectfully get those masks on. There are plenty of instruction videos on how to make masks simply and quickly out there on the web. Of course, anyone with symptoms should stay at home. Wearing a face mask should not be used as an excuse to break quarantine.