Flow Chart 1 (again)

Cause, Problem, Effect.

Here is a re-working of a flow chart I posted late 2018. It began as a thought experiment using just three words: Cause, Problem and Effect. The chart complements nicely the Gyles Brandreth post and of course the earlier blog on William Banting, both of whom presented the Low-carb message with brevity, clarity and simplicity. Hopefully, these qualities are ones the flow chart captures too.

The key to understanding this chart is understanding that Type-2 Diabetes is about the body’s inulin. Diabetes IS a condition of insulin resistance and in its early stages, insulin excess. The high blood sugar (glucose) features of the condition and not the Problem, they are its Effects. That is why treating the glucose levels does not (indeed cannot) reverse the condition. Such a shame that almost all the diabetes drugs zero in on Effects. Low-carb dining, on the other hand, removes the Cause.