COVID-19 (3) ‘Diet’ is the only vaccine we currently have

‘You cannot [reverse] a nutritional disease, such as diabetes, with drugs. It doesn’t work. You have to get to the cause’

How can a diet be a vaccination? Well, it cannot. No diet will stop you getting the virus. But, the right diet can have the effect of preventing some of the more serious complications of COVID-19. Underlying Type-2 Diabetes, overweight/obesity and many other conditions rife in our communities is Insulin Resistance. This is a condition caused by and maintained by carbohydrate food – sugary and starchy foods. I call them The Big-6: sugar, bread, pasta, pizza, potatoes, and rice. For those wired up by their genes to get it these foods are the cause of Insulin Resistance. Indeed, once could go so far as to say Type-2 Diabetes IS Insulin Resistance. Problem is… most people, and that includes most medics and dieticians do not appreciate this. That’s why they keep telling us to eat plenty of whole grains and potatoes.

Another unpleasant problem associated with Insulin Resistance is inflammation. People with this condition are already behaving chemically as if there was trouble going on, and indeed there is. So, when COVID-19 comes knocking that inflammatory issue magnifies and it is this that propels people into the serious complications of the infection; the cytokine storm.

Have you got 20 minutes? If you have Type-2 Diabetes it could change your life. Here is a link to an interview with the wonderful Professor Tim Noaks. It was conducted by Andrew McIntyre. I cannot recommend it too highly.