You cannot out-ride a bad diet

GPs to prescribe bicycles?

When Boris Johnson recovered from COVID-19 he had reason to be grateful to the NHS, and he was. It has subsequently become apparent that being overweight or obese is ‘associated with’ a poorer outcome for those who contract the virus. Unfortunately, but sadly not surprisingly, this association has once again been conflated into causation and, Hey Presto! obesity not officially causes COVID morbidity. Well, maybe that is not quite the whole story.

What ’causes’ most cases of overweight and obesity is a carb-heavy diet. This disturbs the workings of the hormone insulin, and that insulin problem can drive some folk into a number serious medical condition; conditions like Type-2 diabetes. The low-carb view is that insulin resistance is the principal abnormality is diabetes. It seems increasingly likely that insulin resistance combined with a diet high in seed/vegetable oils, which are pro-inflammatory, sets the scene for the more severe complications of COVID.

How do your reverse insulin resistance? Well you won’t do it by walking, running, jumping, swimming or even cycling. You need to cut the carbs that drive the whole insulin thing. Exercise will not do that. So, it seems that Official UK Policy, once again, is informed by the dead-in-the-water theory that it’s all down to calories in and calories out (CICO). Only three things can lead to diabetes reversal and they are low-carb dining (of course), bariatric surgery (ouch!) and very low-calorie shake diets. Low-fat low-cal won’t work…. again